Custom Embroidered State Christmas Ornament

by Needle and Grain

It's that time of year again! We're doing another special run of our handmade Christmas ornaments! These wildly popular tree trimmings are just the beginning of our Christmas decor offers this year! 

Our ornaments are cut from locally harvested wood. After finishing we drill holes in a heart shape over the city of your choosing and sew it with red embroidery thread. Each one is perfectly unique and a timeless gift to give to friends and family. 


    • If you're looking for a southern state with the heart in the middle, check this product first (it's cheaper too!) 
    • Be sure to fill out the form in the cart page.
    • City locations left blank will place heart on the center of the state.
    • This year our ornaments are made from Oak or Maple wood. Type you receive will vary by availability.
    • Order by December 8 to guarantee Christmas delivery

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