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Handwoven Ayate Washcloth

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Flower Valley’s Ayate washcloth is a unique, hand-woven, gently abrasive washcloth hand-woven in Mexico. It’s said to restore, stimulate and smooth skin with invigorating freshness. This practical washcloth is made from agave making it long-lasting and resistant to mold (unlike loofahs).

Product Details: 

  • Gently exfoliates - leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed & invigorated
  • Long lasting, quick drying, and mold resistant
  • Use in the bath, kitchen or anywhere an efficient mar-free utility cloth is needed
  • After being soaked in water, the fibers expand and the weave tightens like magic.
  • Made from the fibers of the agave (century plant)
  • Handwoven in Mexico 
  • 100% Sisal
  • Hand wash only