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Merchant & Mills Sewing Book


Brand Merchant and Mills

AuthorCarolyn N. K. Denham

From the Publisher

With an emphasis on quality materials, careful craftsmanship, and simplicity, Merchant & Mills Sewing Book presents 15 functional, beautiful projects. Crafters and aspiring designers will master hand- and machine-sewing techniques, learn about fundamental tools and materials, and improve their tailoring skills before sewing timeless projects such as a maker’s apron, bolster cushion, flight bag, classic shirt, and more. Reflecting the distinctive utilitarian style of Merchant & Mills, this book reminds readers to keep it simple and do it well, and makes a handsome addition to any craft library.

Part I introduces tools, techniques, our philosophy and working methods so you're completely prepared for the fifteen fabulous projects in part 2. We guide you through the construction of an apron, bags, soft furnishings and even things to wear. Each task builds on the skills gained in the previous one and as if that were not enough we even throw in a couple of patterns for you to scale up and get cutting. Read, learn and make.

Susan's Take

I love the rustic-style this book has. It's filled with beautifully simple patterns and ideas. There's a great pattern and guide for making yourself an apron that I absolutely love. 

  • Size: 7 1/4 x 9 1/2 in;
  • Pages: 176 pp;
  • Format: Hardcover 

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