Muletown Necklace

We're a little obsessed with mules, and Bryson can even point out that things are not mules with a blink of an eye. But regardless, we are super proud to live here in Muletown, USA! 
Product Details: 
  • Custom stamped with MULETOWN. Each necklace will be slightly different.
  • Materials: 
    • Bar is 14 Karat Gold Filled and is 1/4" x 1-1/4". 14 Karat Gold Filled is usually a lifetime product because the gold layer 
      bonded to the brass core is quite thick.
  • Chain is 14 Karat Gold Filled, 18 inches long. 
  • Made in Athens, GA by our sweet friend Lindsey with Stamped and Finch. Read her story here

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