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Free Shipping on $75 or more!

Pons Classic Style Strap in Gray

by Pons
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We are super excited to have Pons in the shop!  This company has been around for along time and they are only made their products even better and more diverse of the years.  Quality and materials have remained raw and handcrafted throughout their time.   

Here is quick read about their history.  We know you will love it.

AvarcasUSA exclusively features original Pons Avarcas, a family owned business located in Ciutadella and specialized in artisan Menorcan avarcas since 1945. The current manufacturers are the third generation of the Pons family that have proudly continued the family tradition. Pons avarcas are well known for being handcrafted in workshops where every last detail is given the utmost attention: from the raw materials, sourced 100% from Spain, used to their design and finishing, to achieve a product of the highest quality.