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Reusable Chemex Coffee Filter Coffee Sock


We all (well most of us) need our coffee daily which means we need a filter.  Though the paper are compostable they don't help enhance the flavor.  We have a solution for that now!  CoffeeSock has created a great coffee filter to help us get the best cup of joe each brew.  Don't wait, get yourself the filter you need and brew that smooth coffee you've been missing out on.

Cotton absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans yet lets acids pass through. The resulting cup is clear crisp, rich and robust with all the acid of paper brewed coffee, without the paper taste, and all of the richness of French press without the heavy oiliness. 

Green - Renewable, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. minimal waste and processing. Compostable!


Product Details:

  • Made to fit Auto Drip Coffee Makers, Style 6-13 cup
  • 2 filters
  • Quality - Made by hand in Austin, Texas.
  • Easy cleanup - just empty grounds, rinse, and hang dry.
  • High quality and less expensive than many market alternatives.
  • Made from Organic Cotton - a responsibly produced, renewable resources
  • Durable - Each pack lasts about 1 year and replaces approximately 500 paper filters.

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