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FREE Shipping when you spend $50 or more CODE: GIVETHANKS
FREE Shipping when you spend $50 or more CODE: GIVETHANKS

Rosemary Patchouli Liquid Soap


8 oz | 236 ml 

Our Goat's Milk Liquid Soap is moisturizing and healing, never drying and irritating. Our soap is carefully crafted using 100% natural and 100% organic ingredients. Let our combination of shea butter, goat's milk and organic olive oil nurture, cleanse and heal your skin while aromatheraputic essential oils lift your mood!

Can be used as a hand soap or body wash.  

We believe liquid soap can and should be free of harsh artificial and chemical agents. With this in mind we created the Little Seed Farm line of Goat's Milk Liquid Soap, luxuriously skin softening and scented with ingredients made by mother nature. We do NOT use chemical thickeners, lathering agents (such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate), or artificial fragrances.

In addition, we use traditional soap-making methods, rendering each soap naturally anti-bacterial without the need for harsh chemicals or artificial preservatives.