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Sweet Potato Pie Dog Treats

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Each bag of our Sweet Potato & Honey Barley Bones contains spent grain craft dog treats that are made from only the finest ingredients. We source spent barley from local breweries, and combine it with organic rye and oat flours to create an excellent foundation. We take pride to create a healthy treat, so you can reward your four-legged friends with only the best hand crafted treats. 

Our SWEET POTATO & HONEY treats use a house-made pure and organic house made puree. We take local sustainably grown sweet potatoes, and slowly steam them with some skin remaining to create tender nutrient rich puree. With this puree, we create a low fat and tasty reward for your four legged best friend!

These treats can be gobbled up hole or easily broken into smaller pieces for dogs who have eyes bigger than their mouths.

Product Details:

  • 6 oz