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Tails Chasing Tails

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Seattle-based artist Matthew Porter paints with acrylic on wood. His images are a piece of playful fun, child-like images of happy and curious animals.

In his new picture book, Matthew creates a parade of colorful animals that trot, run, and scamper across the pages. 

A tiger chases a bear, which chases a pig, which chases a fox, and on it goes.

To find out who is chasing whom, simply turn the page. Using bold colors and distressed pinewood, Porter creates texture and movement in his artwork. 


About the Author

Matthew Porter is an Englishman abroad. Originally from a tiny village in the south of England he now reside across the pond in the lovely city of Seattle. A children's book illustrator and author his stories and imagery present the perfect balance of nostalgia with modern elegance. Matthew's illustrations are hand drawn and painted on wood. Then lightly sanded so some of the grain shows through. This gives them a worn folk art aesthetic. Matthew has been called the undisputed king of the hipster board book genre.