Worth Holding on to Keepsake Box Set – Needle and Grain

Worth Holding on to Keepsake Box Set

$68.00 $40.00

Brand Little Low Studio

This box set was inspired by the sense of holding onto what's actually important to us, what we really need or love in life, and letting go of all the things that may be holding us back or weighing us down. We love the idea of curating this box to hold the small, sentimental items you believe are worth holding on to. 

We laser engraved these boxes with our hand illustrated calligraphy design and then packed them with a set of 10 of our bestselling greeting cards (of varying sentiments) and 10 heirloom recipe cards - perfect for keeping or spreading recipes and notes worth holding on to. 

Each set also comes packaged with an outside tag, inside info card and bright yellow crinkle paper.

Here's the details:

- Box dimensions: 6.5" x 6" x 5.75"
- Includes 10 greeting cards printed on 120# card stock 
- Includes 10 recipe cards printed on 120# card stock 
- Made in the USA
- Birch wood box, laser engraved

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