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52 Romantic Comedies in a Year

52 Romantic Comedies in a Year

Bryson and I don't like a lot of movies that other people like. We don't do intense, scary, or violent. He likes superhero movies, but I'm not that in to them. I like predictability and something that's going to keep my attention. We were watching Serendipity a couple of weeks ago, and I asked him, "What if we watched a different rom-com each week?" And he was cool with the idea! 

We have found a couple of lists, and we asked on Instagram about which ones we should add to our list. We are so excited to have something to look forward to each weekend, and I'm thankful I have a husband who will watch romantic comedies with me! We will do a short blog recap of the movie and give you each our ratings to make it fun. Thanks for following along! 

Our first one we watched was The Proposal. I had seen this one years ago when it first came out, but B hadn't seen it. I chose this one first honestly because of Betty White. We discussed the movie in depth at breakfast the day after watching it, and we both agreed that it was missing some key info like it's implied that she was a mean boss, but it didn't give you concrete evidence of this except her firing the one guy. But, overall we both enjoyed it.

My favorite moment was when Margaret was with Grammie in the dress shop, and she realized how special it was to be with a family and to be a part of a family. It made me really happy to see that her cold heart was warming just a touch.

I give it 4.5 stars, and Bryson gives it 4 stars! 

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