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Shipping FAQ

Here's a list of FAQs to help answer some things you may run into. The following answers override our current shipping policies where applicable. 

Friendly Reminder. We are a small business consisting of 2 owners and 3-4 employees at a given time. We pack and ship everything ourselves and do so as fast and accurately as possible! Please be kind and help us get through all these crazy times together! 

My shipping seems really high? What's going on?

There's a known issue with our POS system that we cannot resolve (and we have tried many times with our service provider) if you buy and item that is stocked at Little Neighbors (mostly toys/kids items) and another item from Needle & Grain (everything else) it will create a rate for the items that ship from each store even though we ship from just one location. If you notice this happen, please notify us, and we will gladly refund you.

My tracking says the package has arrived but I don't see it?

The first thing we suggest is you wait 1-2 days for the package to arrive. Sometimes packages can get scanned even if they aren't exactly where they say they are. You can also check with your neighbors if they got it instead. We've seen this happen more frequently in years past. If you do not see your package, you must contact your local post office/UPS and give them your information. 

Unfortunately, the post office/UPS is responsible for lost/damaged items in this instance. In expectation of this happening more frequently this season, we cannot replace your item for free. However, insurance may be claimed on items and we can assist you in that case, and we are willing to work with you on a case-by-case basis (this mostly depends on if we have backup items in stock). 

Most claims cannot be filed until 14 days after shipment. We know this is incredibly frustrating, but that's the rules that have been made for us by these shipping companies. 

We will use UPS and FEDEX to ship items that we believe may require prompt and guaranteed delivery. If you prefer those methods, please contact us before you make your purchase.

How fast do you ship out items?

If you order something that is in stock in our stores, we pack and ship it the items between 1-3 days, but normally it usually ships out the following business day. If an order is placed on the weekend, your package will ship out on either Monday or Tuesday. This of course, depends on whether or not the carrier is able to pick up packages that day or not. Packages usually take no longer than 5 days to leave our store for the mail.

How long will it take for me to get my package?

Typically we're seeing an average of 3-5 days for a package to arrive. We ship most things first-class or priority with USPS. We are starting to use UPS for larger orders/items and orders that are going to the West Coast. 

I believe my package may be lost? What do I do?

Using your tracking number, contact the appropriate carrier (USPS, Fedex, UPS). They have systems to help you resolve a missing package. If it ultimately is missing, please contact us, so we can find a solution via filing an insurance claim and/or purchasing a new item. 

My product arrived damaged, missing or is the incorrect item.

Depending on the situation, we will refund and reship the item to you, please contact us on our contact page or email us at if this happens.

This item is a gift, can you wrap it and leave a note?

We sure can! Please make those notes in the cart section of your checkout process. Let us know what you want on the note, and we'll leave out the invoice.