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About us

Curated Goods for Purposeful Living

Needle & Grain is a handmade home goods business steeped in family tradition with contemporary design. What began as a hobby to preserve the traditions of quilting and small-scale woodcraft has grown into a brand centered on family, hard work and purposeful living.

We believe in living a life of purpose, where every decision you make for your family is considering all implications to your self and your neighbors. We believe in taking care of your family, your finances, your home, your health and your wellbeing and we want the products we sell to fill the needs you have in those areas.

For us, this message is a promise to our customers. The things we sell are chosen for you for a purpose. We want to move away from being a "gift shop" into a true "mercantile" that meets your family's needs in many ways.

We believe it so much we put it on our windows. You can't miss it as you walk in! 

We hope to see you soon
–Susan & Bryson