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Needle & Grain Journal

  • Weekly Favorites - November 23

    Weekly Favorites - November 23

    1. I finished this audiobook this weekend, and I loved it. It was another 5 star read for me because I couldn't stop listening to it by the end. Also, I'm almost to the end of my reading challenge for...

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  • Weekly Favorites - November 14

    Weekly Favorites - November 14

    1. I'm still on my audiobook kick, and I just finished this one last night. I loved it. It's another 5 star read from me. I enjoyed April's storyline, and I thought the ending was perfect. If you like character...

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  • Weekly Favorites - October 5

    Weekly Favorites - October 5

    1. I finished this book over the weekend, and I am still sad it is over. It's probably in my top 5 books of the year. I loved the romance story, but I also loved that it felt more complex...

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