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Our Favorite Things - March 26

Our Favorite Things - March 26

We are pretty simple people who typically love food and crafty things. I thought it might be fun each week to take a look at our favorite things this week. I know a couple of bloggers do this, and I love it because they are typically short, and I love a good list. 

So, we'll each cover 3 things that we are loving this week, and we'll see where this takes us! 

Roolee Skirt for Easter – I received this skirt for my birthday, and I am so excited to wear it on Easter. I'm hoping that it won't be too cold, but this is going to be my go to this summer. It has pockets and is midi length (my favorite). The olive green stripes are subtle, and I love a good stripe! 

Singin all the lyrics to Dashboard Confessional (high school throw back) – Bryson

I got the bug and just had to listen to all of it one night on a drive. Turns out I still know all the lyrics to every song. I must have had quite the emo teenage life!

Morning Coffee mug from The Pottery Nest – 
I got this mug around Christmas time, and it's been my favorite. It's the perfect size and weight. She's sold out of the mug, but she has a tumbler that is similar sized and maybe you could persuade her to make more mugs! 

Grantchester on BBC

A friend of ours recommended that we check it out. So glad they did. It's like Downton Abbey plus mystery and Clergy!

Drake – God's Plan Music Video
 I love a good sappy post, and I love seeing people give back. I liked this song, but now I love it because he gave almost $1 million away instead of making a music video. SO. GOOD. 

Black Panther (saw it for the second time!) – Bryson

This movie is great on so many levels. Not to mention super fun to watch!

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