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A Few of Our Favorite Things - March 18-24

A Few of Our Favorite Things - March 18-24

We are pretty simple people who typically love food and crafty things. I thought it might be fun each week to take a look at our favorite things this week. I know a couple of bloggers do this, and I love it because they are typically short, and I love a good list. 

So, we'll each cover 3 things that we are loving this week, and we'll see where this takes us! 

Susan's Favorites

Vital Proteins

Collagen peptides in my coffee each morning. I've been hearing all about this for months, but I just recently got on the bandwagon. I haven't noticed huge differences in my skin, but I have noticed that I'm able to go a little longer in the morning without feeling like I need a snack. 

    abera crossbody tote


    My birthday was last week, and I got the best tote bag from my parents and sister's family! I love that it's not too big and not too small, and if I want to use it as a crossbody, I can! Plus, it smells incredible - I hope the leather smell never fades.



      If you've been following us for any amount of time, you know that we love LaCroix. I haven't been in love with it as much as B, but we recently got the Tangerine flavor. And it's by far my favorite! I went to Aldi yesterday, and they had 15 can packs! Run to your local Aldi now!


        Bryson's Favorites 

        Sourdough Bread

        Every Month, usually I'm going after some new crazy food-related feat in the kitchen. Did you know sourdough was how all bread was made until science engineered a fast-acting yeast powder we all use today? After 2 weeks of building a working sourdough starter I gave my first go at a couple of loaves. Let's just say they taste good...Looks, can't say much about that. Here's the recipe I use.


        Lush Lofi on Spotify Playlist. Susan totally is not a fan of this stuff but there's something about this mix that really keeps me focused and motivated to get work done. I work a lot from home and in public spaces, so anything that can help me focus is a must.


        When I'm not listening to music, I'm digesting a myriad of podcasts. I'm super picky too. They have to be interesting, well produced and fun. Here's a few of my current favorites that span the gamut of business, economics and internet culture.

        What are some your favorite things right now? Comment and let us know! We'd love to hear from you! 

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