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Local Love - Julie Webster and Sarah Hoelscher

Local Love - Julie Webster and Sarah Hoelscher

When you own a small business, it's so important to have people on your side to give you advice, pep talks, and share all the hardships with you. Bryson and I can't help but gush about these two lovely ladies. This mom and daughter duo are the girl bosses behind Westbury House (a local event venue) and JJ's Barbecue–our favorite BBQ in town of course!

Their work ethic might be our favorite quality about this dynamic duo! It truly shows in their endeavors; for example, JJ's is celebrating 20 years of BBQ this year and Westbury House has become the definitive event venue in Downtown Columbia. Let's not forget that they are also actively involved in their local community. Sarah is the director of the Children's Museum Board with me! Like I said, they're such an inspiration.

If you see them in town, be sure to tell them I'm crushin' on them cause I definitely know Julie ain't got no time for readin blogs when there's work to be done! #girlboss

JJ's BBQ Website

Westbury House Website

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