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Local Love - Lily Jane

Local Love - Lily Jane

We owe a lot of love to Lucy McEwen and her amazing store Lily Jane. I was the manager there for a few years and learned a lot about running a business before we decided to open our store. I thought I'd take a few moments to share why it's so special to me!

Since her humble beginnings in 2008 out of the side of Buckhead Coffee to moving on the square several years later, Lucy has brought a unique sense of style and charm to Columbia. It wasn't long before every girl in town was answering the "where did you get that?" question with "Lily Jane!" She's forward thinking and always gauging the market to see what will the next big thing. She starts trends long before other places, and that's what makes people coming back for more.

Not only is LJ the go-to place for cute stuff; it's become an epicenter of community for many locals. A place to truly experience that small town charm. Lucy's smile and laughter are contagious, and she makes you feel good on the inside while looking great on the outside. She always will give you advice about whether or not that top looks good with those jeans or if you need a different color of that dress.

She makes you feel like a part of her family even if it's for 20 minutes every now and then. We worked together 1 million years ago at Ye Peddler Gift Shop. She is a few years older than me, and I looked up to her and wanted to be just like her. From her style to her jokes, she had it all. I still look up to her and want to be more like her each and every day. She loves our community big time, and that makes me love our community even more. 

Spending time with customers on a daily basis for a couple of years was enough to inspire me to convince Bryson we needed to move back home. I just love that place with all my heart. It was bittersweet to leave this past summer! But now, I know I can always count on Lucy for advice or encouragement.

The retail business can be tricky to navigate, but Lucy makes the journey all the more fun. Love y'all! 


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