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chef paul at the Dotted Lime looks at some freshly baked bread.

Local Love - The Dotted Lime

It's hard to describe why we love this place. First of all, their food is delicious and inventive. It's hard to not eat there without texting all your friends to get over here and join you. Whether it's the Spring Chickens panzinno sandwich or their "All The Good Things" (think fried chicken covered in cheese on top of potatoes and more). We've started to have our weekly breakfast planning meetings there! 

Let's not forget how creative they are too with their entire menu being gluten free. They've really found a way to make you completely forget that's the case. Their sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls are some of the best bites in town.

Secondly, it's run by one of the funniest and most genuine families in town. We absolutely love how they treat their customers and are transparent about what it's like to run a business (like this hilarious post!), a farm AND raise 12 kids. They're such an inspiration to us! Columbia is blessed to have such an awesome group of folks. 

Next time you're hungry, pay them a visit, you won't regret it.

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