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Local Love - The Dotted Lime

Local Love - The Dotted Lime

**A preface: We were doing this series about local favorites, and then some how we stopped...I'm going to blame it on moving locations and finding out we were pregnant...**

If you follow us on social media, you know our love of The Dotted Lime goes way deep. We met them when they were first at the farmer's market with baked goods and such, and we honestly were a little intimidated by them (Sorry, Chrissy)! "Gluten free" people can be a little intimidating if you know what I mean, and I'm so sad that I ever thought that because this family is the sweetest, caring and hilarious family around. They also have the best restaurant in Columbia if you are asking me. 

Chrissy and Paul met in culinary school, and the rest of their love story is history. They have 13 children who all make an appearance at their restaurant and most of them work for them. We have grown close to not only Chrissy and Paul, but also their kids! 

Their food is downright amazing. Bryson and I are not on a gluten-free diet, but their food is so good it doesn't matter that it's gluten free. We love that they are providing a safe environment for people with allergies. They have people literally drive hundreds of miles to come and eat at their restaurant because it's the only place they can find anything on the menu for them to eat. Paul has such inventive and tasty dishes, and Chrissy is an amazing baker. She made my cake for my 30th birthday, and it was the best. Her cinnamon rolls are legendary, and they have some people who eat them multiple times a week. 

Bryson and I go on Friday mornings for our business meetings, and we then whenever we have a little wiggle room in our budget. Some of our favorite things they have are: all the yummy things (it literally is all the yummy things in one dish), the burger is amazing, you can't go wrong with their tacos, the pizzas are delicious, death by chocolate words needed to explain this one, breakfast skillets are also delicious, and the list could seriously go on and on. Basically what I am saying is, if you haven't tried TDL, you should go now and eat it. 

If there was a restaurant in Columbia that felt like Cheers, it would be The Dotted Lime. The food is great but the community and companionship is better! Tell them we sent you! Also, go and check out their website! They have family meals you can order online and pick up for a night you just can't even. AND soon they'll have some baking/spice mixes you can purchase and get shipped to your door! 

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