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Our Favorite Things April 10

Our Favorite Things April 10

Just a few of our favorite things from the week. We hope you're enjoying the list as much as we do. As we work to live a more purposeful life (and owning possessions) It's really helped us step back and be thankful for what little we do keep around our home.

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This Meal and Grocery List Planner

We use it every week! The grocery list tears off too.

Fried Burgers from Bistro 822.

Bryson had the opportunity to contribute lots of new design work, interior decorating and project management to get this restaurant reopened after a sudden close last year. It was a super fun (and delicious) project to work on!

This Spatula

Go ahead and throw all your other ones away. Cast Iron Skillet lovers, this is your best friend. It's flexible, scrapes food off the iron bottom, fishes out fried food in hot oil, flips and turns delicate foods easily and so much more. Bryson is a huge cook/foodie and could write a love poem about it. Best of all, it's like $5. Might as well buy 4.

This Candle

From Johnny Porter. Top notes of lemon and black tea make an entrance with middle and bottom notes of mint and honey close behind. Man! Where would we be without sweet tea? This scent is perfect for the kitchen or breakfast room. Just open the doors and a window and let the scent ride the breeze!

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bites

It's the perfect "I just need a bite of chocolate" after dinner treat!

Ready Player One

I just dove into the novel, it's really good so far. Hopefully, I can read it in time to see it in theaters! Wanna read it when I'm finished? Let me know! My grandfather always gave away good books instead of keeping them to himself. I want to continue that tradition. – Bryson

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Camilla McDonald - April 11, 2018

I love seeing my grandson’s picture posted by his mom with a swaddle from your store.

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