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Shop Buildout: Day 1

Shop Buildout: Day 1

We're excited to be sharing some of our process in updating the shop! You can follow along here and check out the photo album our facebook page for realtime updates.

The tennant before us had a thing for souping up cars and black paint. This space was dark y'all,albeit quite clean, it was still a cave that needed a coat of sunshine fast. So, while we wait on the A/C and commercial doors to be installed we made use of a long weekend to get started on paint!

First, we wanted to restore the brick with lots of stripping. We tried a small test spot and it came off easily. Looks like Mr. Mechanic wasn't a fan of gold? There was a layer of gold paint under the black??

After we stripped a section, we let it sit for a week. Unfortunately, we noticed that there was some moisture seeping through the brick and leaving traces of mold on wood that we had leaning on the wall. Gross. That ended our plans for exposed brick! Plan B: Drylock water seal and gallons on gallons of Simply White brought to you by $40 Memorial Day rebate at Lowes!

So Saturday we spent all day priming the wall with water sealant paint and filling in cracks, conduit and fire door hardware with spray primer. There's so many nooks and crannies! The brick is so rough and bumpy, we're going to try a paint sprayer to apply the paint after we get down a couple of coats of sealer.

The space already looks a 100x brighter! 

Next Time

We're off to Young Life camp for a week. So we're letting things sit for about 14 days. When we get back we're painting the brick, drywalling over the particle board walls and epoxying the floors a lovely gray.


Follow us on Pinterest! We have several boards that we're using to inspire us for this shop build out and maybe even a few boards of products we want to sell! 

See you soon!


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