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Shop Buildout Day 2

Shop Buildout Day 2

It's been a bit since we've updated you about our shop progress! It's been kind of slow and kind of tricky to maneuver our growing list of orders and a few markets and some personal career changes (Bryson) and a messy house! 

However, we're charging on! Here's a short list of things we've rocked out lately.

  • Built the checkout counter from 100% recycled materials = FREE
  • Installed drywall, completing mudding very soon. Paint next!
  • Started to buy wholesale products from vendors online and Etsy Wholesale.
  • Headed to ATL for Americas Mart to scope out some goodies for Christmas–SO EARLY?
  • Sketching out plans for displays, shelving and more.
  • assembled wire shelving.
  • blew out a hole in the wall for the customer entrance doors.
  • Waiting on the arrival of our beautiful glass garage doors!

What's coming up

  • Painting
  • Spider killing
  • sweeping, lots of it.
  • more product buying
  • fixture assembly and construction
  • class scheduling and planning

Check out the progress on our facebook album!


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