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Weekly Favorites - April 19

Weekly Favorites - April 19

I am in love with this new clothing company I found. I love that they are more intentional with the pieces they choose for their store and make sure they all coordinate with each other. They also encourage you to build pieces slowly which is amazing. I wish more companies in today's society would do that because it's VERY overwhelming. They have a new launch out today!

I want to try this recipe that Naptime Kitchen shared recently. We love Perfect Bars in our house, but they get pricey when our kiddos eat them, and we do, too!

I just started this book a few days ago on audio, and I am loving it. Bryson read it last year, and he loved it, too! It's highly rated, so I'm excited to see what all the hype is about.

I recently got a mascara I didn't love, but I didn't want to be wasteful. So, I got this primer, and now I love the mascara for the most part. This primer is amazing for the price! If you need to level up your mascara game, I can't recommend this one enough! (Note: it is not natural/organic…eek)

Owen has white pants for baseball this season, so I entrusted my sister's help (she has 2 boys who have played baseball for MANY years). She recommended this, and I can confirm that it works amazingly well! I used it on his pants from this weekend, and they were filthy, let me soak in a bucket with this (I followed the directions on the back), and the pants were almost as good as new! I would imagine it would work well for sheets, towels, and such, too! But be warned…it is stinky. I am not sure why, but we put it on the deck while it was soaking because it was such a bad smell.

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