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Weekly Favorites - April 5

Weekly Favorites - April 5

I finally caved and purchased my first pair of Lulu shorts, and honestly, they are worth every penny! I got my secondhand from eBay, so if you don't mind getting secondhand, this is a great route to get more expensive things for cheaper! I also got another pair from Poshmark that should be here tomorrow!

Having pink eye is not my favorite thing in the whole world, and I am having to replace a bunch of my makeup. So, I reordered this foundation because I love it so much! I will still need an SPF as we spend more time outside, but it's the perfect light coverage I'm looking for! Use my code to get 10% off your order, too! (I ordered the whole set after Christmas, and I love it all!)

I'm currently listening to this audiobook, and I really am not sure where it is going. But I love listening to a book based in our home state!


We are currently trying and loving these toothpaste tabs, and we are going to have them in the shop soon because we love them so much!

I got these for my birthday, and I'm in love. The soft-bed sole really levels them up, and I have a feeling they are going to be as popular this season as the clogs were this winter!

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