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Weekly Favorites - August 31

Weekly Favorites - August 31

remarkably bright creatures a book about a bright orange octopus and older woman named Tova

1. I know you are going to not be surprised at this, but I just finished this audiobook a couple of nights ago. It is my favorite book of the year. It was SO GOOD! Seriously, I cannot recommend this little story more. If you need a happy tale, this book is for you! 

2. I made this bread this week (I included it on our meal plan blog post), and it was SO yummy! It was a great way to use up zucchini and ripe bananas. 

3. We are traveling this weekend, and in preparation for traveling with breastmilk, I grabbed this lunchbox! I will pump and be able to transport milk so easily since it's basically a built in cooler!

I also got this one for cold snacks on-the-go! 

4. I think we have finally convinced Owen to just use the big potty now and not use his little potty anymore! (PRAISE) So, I snagged this nightlight, and it's awesome! It comes on when it gets dark, and it's a soft glow. But when it senses motion, it turns on brighter! It's perfect for traveling and/or bathrooms!

5. We recently got this book from the library, and we have loved reading it together!

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