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Weekly Favorites - January 20

Weekly Favorites - January 20

1.So, I've sped through books recently (I read 2 in a week - who am I?), and I really enjoyed this one. It was a cute YA fiction book about a couple of high schoolers, and it gave me all the fills because they talked about Nashville! Here's my list for 2021 reads so far! 

2. I'm always on the lookout for a good playlist to listen to, and this one is giving me life right now! 

3. Owen loves a good recycling/garbage truck, and this shirt is perfect for him! I love this company, and they can just go ahead and take all my money. 

4. My hands are SUPER dry right now (thanks winter and Covid), so I've been trying to use this lotion after every hand washing to combat my knuckles from bleeding. It dries quickly and makes moving on to the next task easy! If you use this link, it will give you 10% off! 

5. I listened to this podcast last week, and it really changed my perspective on how we treat people. And it inspired us to purchase this book for the shop, and Bryson started reading it. So far, it has been really helpful to him in understanding himself and the world around him.

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