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Weekly Favorites - June 7

Weekly Favorites - June 7

I haven't been doing much reading lately, but I am almost finished with this one, and I'm really enjoying it. I loved Sarah Adam's other books, and I love them one just the same!

The moment it got hot, I have been craving ice cream like crazy. These look amazing, and I am going to have to try them next time I go to the store! I found them at our local Walmart.

We watched this docu-series over the weekend, and wow! What a wild trip! I must confess I was a BIG Duggar family fan growing up, so to learn all of the things that went on behind the scenes, I wasn't completely surprised. I still cannot imagine what their lives must have been like growing up in such a strict family!

I got fed up with my Stanley cups, and if I decide I need a tumbler style cup again, I will be purchasing one like this. Super cute but also it's supposed to be more friendly to spills! 

I want to like biker shorts. I really do, but I haven't had any luck finding a pair that I want to wear out in public or not under dresses. But Kate from Naptime Kitchen (y'all know I love her) showed these today, and I'm thinking I may have to try them out. She said they remind her of Lulu Align, and I love those. So, if you have these or something similar, do you love them? 

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