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Weekly Favorites - March 22

Weekly Favorites - March 22

the great sex rescue paperback

1. I recently read this book (it's taken me a while), and gosh it changed my life. Growing up in a church that was very much about purity culture, this struck all the cords in things I had felt, been taught, and still struggle with today. I highly recommend it if you are a woman and are a parent! 

soft and moist funfetti cake

2. I'm sure I've posted this cake before, but it seriously is the best birthday cake ever. It's super yummy and a crowd pleaser! I make it for everyone's birthday in our family! Pro tip: you have to use normal sprinkles instead of the natural kind if you want it to look like a traditional funfetti cake!

britax boulevard with rebound bar

3. Why is it when you need a new car seat it feels like you're shopping for an extra limb? I love the car seat we have for Owen, but it's just not feasible these days because of the cost. So, I think I finally found one for Amos that is affordable, but also extremely safe! It seems on the smaller size, too, which is always helpful! If you haven't used this baby/children's site before, you really should! Use my link and you can become a rewards member, too! They have THE best prices on baby gear. 

playfoam for sensory bin

4. I'm collecting ideas for our kiddos for their Easter baskets, and I am going to get Owen a Toob of bugs and then this playfoam to have a sensory bin! We love Kinetic Sand, so I'm hoping he loves this just as much.

yogurt blueberry muffins

5. I made these muffins for Owen's birthday treat for school (they eat snack early in the AM, so I didn't want to send cupcakes), and they were delicious! I didn't have enough greek yogurt on hand, so I used sour cream. They were still delicious! 


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