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Weekly Favorites - May 17

Weekly Favorites - May 17

I just finished this book and golly what a wild ride of a story that pulls all your heart strings! I know I'm kinda late to this party, but if you haven't read it, please do and then we'll all watch the movie when it comes out!

I use this exfoliant when I'm going to be applying the sunless tanner that I love, and it makes my skin so soft! It's easy to lather, too, which makes a big difference to me! It also helps if you are prone to ingrown hairs (yes, I went there)! 

I found these at Costco last week, and they are delicious! Our whole family loves them, and they don't have too many added ingredients which I love!

I snagged this hat for the beach for myself because the idea of being able to wear your hair in a ponytail/bun is almost a must at the beach with little ones! I was totally influenced by none other than Naptime Kitchen to bet this one!

Last week we purchased a larger pack of ground turkey for tacos, and I suggested we go ahead and cook it, season it, and then freeze it. Bryson liked that idea, too, so this week, we had ground turkey tostadas and the total time it took to cook was just a few minutes! I like to say my future self is going to love things like this! So, just a reminder to make your life easier in the future if it will just take a few extra minutes to make extra or do something that will save you time later.

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