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long weekend favorites

Weekly Favorites - May 30

Long weekends make for the best weeks for 2 reasons: 1) Monday is fun and not work related and 2) get to spend extra time with friends and family! Here's our favorites for the week! 

1. I have been loving cold brew coffee in the afternoons (decaf please!), and a friend of mine told me about Pioneer Woman's recipe! It makes a big ol' batch that will last you a while! Win win in my book! 

best iced coffee recipe

2. My mama loves Snoopy, and she's passed the love down to me (why we got beagles)! I've been following Hanna Aandersson for a while, and they are having a 60% off sale! So, I snagged these adorable jammies for Owen! 

3. Y'all know I love this deodorant, but they just released two new scents! I love the Jasmine Green Tea one especially and had to snag some for myself! 

the best natural deodorant

4. We made this recipe for a Memorial Day cookout, and it was delicious and super easy! We had friends make it for us last week, and now I want to eat it every night during the summer. 

roasted veggie potato salad

5. Since we've been working on the deck, Bryson has been doing a lot of cutting and chopping wood! He loves this little handy pencil holder so he never loses his pencil while working outside! 

retractable pencil holder

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