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Weekly Favorites - November 3

Weekly Favorites - November 3

1. I was totally influenced by an influencer online, and I snagged one of these tumblers for myself. The main reason - it FITS IN MY CUP HOLDER. Can I get an amen from the back? It's 40oz which is what I need because I drink a ton of water. I'm just so excited to finally have a cup that fits in my cup holder. 

2. We watched this show after reading the book a lot this season, and it's so cute! I'm glad we decided to purchase it for year after year! 


3. Bryson went grocery shopping this weekend for us, and he found these almonds and this cheese, and I just feel like we need a fancy party for them. They are SO good. 

4. This book is next on my list, and I looking for all the cozy vibes. I checked it out from the library, but I didn't finish the book I'm reading currently in time. This is our book club book for the month if you'd like to join us! 


5. I recently found these mixes, and they are delicious! We have tried the banana bread muffins and the brownies, and we loved both! If you need a gluten free/lower carb option, these mixes are for you! I may have to try the cake and bars soon! 

6. A bonus one! I have fallen in love with this illustrator's monthly calendars for your phone! They are just so cute and whimsical! Find her on Instagram here! She has them in her saved stories highlights! 

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