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Winter Warmth Challenge: Week 2

Winter Warmth Challenge: Week 2

Stay Warm by Candlelight

Inspired by the Danish lifestyle (known as Hygge), candles can bring warmth to any part of your home.

After reading into the Hygge lifestyle we realized that it's not too different from that classic American southern culture many of us are familiar with: Be kind, eat lots of warming foods, spend time with family, etc. One of our favorite things we noticed among others was the amount of candles many of the Nordic countries use on a daily basis. Oftentimes, candles are used instead of electric lighting for some activities at home. It's common for candles to be lit during every meal or to read by.

This week's Challenge: Use unscented candles throughout your home for the whole week. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, while you're prepping dinner, while you're working at your desk or reading a book. We tried it for a month in November and LOVED it. We use tapers as often as we can. We do believe it's provided some warmth in these cold months.

What's the Best Candles?
  • Taper candles are the easiest candles to use for a light source. It's bright and portable with the right holder.
  • When it comes to Tapers, beeswax is king. It's natural, safe and smells great! Try to avoid paraffin if you can.
  • Why Unscented? We've found that we're more likely to burn more candles in our home when they're unscented. No conflicting smells and usually they're cheaper!

Need Beeswax Candles?
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