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Quilt Care

Our Handmade quilts are built to last several generations. With proper care these quilts will do just that. Here's a few things you can do to maintain your quilt through it's lifetime.

Love Often, Wash Not So Often

Like your favorite pair of dark denim jeans, you want to keep from washing it as much as you can. If a stain happens, try your best to wash out the stain, not the entire quilt. Every time you run your quilt through the agitators and dryers it weakens the bonds in the cotton strands. The less you wash, the longer it lasts. 

When You Absolutely Must Wash

We recommend you use a detergent that is free of dyes, harmful chemicals and fragrances. Our favorite thing to use is our very own laundry detergent that's a simple blend of handmade soap, essential oil lavender, washing soda and borax.

Wash Cold - Air Dry - Low agitation

Stray Threads

On occasions, stray threads come loose from the stitches. Don't pull on them to break them off. Use a pair of scissors and snip close to the fabric to remove the stray thread. Nothing else needs to be done.However, we guarantee the craftsmanship of our quilts and blankets. If anything should happen that you feel uncomfortable with, please contact us and we will make it right!

Any other questions about your quilts? Don't hesitate to ask!