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our new space, ready to be built out in the columbia arts building

Needle & Grain The Store!

Bryson and I are really excited to announce a fundamental shift in our business. When Needle & Grain started it wasn’t just a way to pass the time making things that we love. It was the beginning of a bigger dream to create a community of creators that love being together and making a difference through kindness and hard work. Since day one, we’ve known that the answer lied in opening a retail space. However, we had no experience or money to do it. So we waited for the right time and fund-raised for almost three years to get to it. It’s with great joy that I’m telling you that Needle & Grain brick-and-mortar is coming to Columbia, TN at the Columbia Arts Building in August!

What this also represents is a shift in how we do business. While we love making things with our hands, we’ve realized it’s not our gifting to become a factory to make ends meet. So, with the opening of the new shop we will be bringing in a greater amount of other makers, supplies and products that we’ve curated and/or customized for you! While we’ll still be making quilts (live in the shop) we’ll also be selling everything you need to make your own quilts and crafts!

Here’s a short list of things you can expect at Needle & Grain

  • Quality, curated fabrics (no more getting lost in a sea of choices!)
  • High end sewing notions
  • Local and regional maker goods
  • Wall art
  • Gifts
  • Baby and nursery
  • Home goods and decor
  • Craft supplies
  • Classes for kids and adults
  • hands on tips/tricks and expert advice
  • Live music, craft events, food/drink socials

This ain’t gonna be your average craft store. :)

So, to reiterate, we’re not shutting down our online business and we’re not quitting the quilt business. We're still Needle & Grain but fully realized! 

Follow along on our new blog (and instagram) as we share the entire build out process and talk more about where the shop will be and what we’re going to put in it.

We hope to see you in August! It’s going to be awesome, we cannot wait for you to see it!

If you're a maker, let's talk. We want your stuff in our store!

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