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How To Buy Candles

How To Buy Candles

We thought we'd do a series of posts that dive a little deeper into how we source and purchase products we sell in our shop. Because, in the end, we care about you and what you buy and we want to continue to build a trusting relationship with every one of our customers! 

Candles are some of the best selling products in most retail stores. Our shop is no exception to the rule! These days, candles are almost a commodity and can be found in all shapes, sizes and prices. Because there's so many to choose from, we do all the hard work for you and choose only the best! Here's a few criteria we have for candles.

How We Source Candles

Good Smell

They gotta smell good in the store and smell good when burning at home. If we don't get a good sense of its smell at first sniff, chances are you won't either. We try to find smells that bring back memories, spark a story or create inviting spaces. 


There's a lot of "high end" candles out there made of the same wax and scents as the next brand. We try to find the best quality and quantity relative to the price you pay. It's also important that they burn well and for as long as they claim on their label. 

Natural Ingredients

We only source candles made from soy or beeswax. Paraffin, while cheaper is harmful to your health. If we can get brands that also share that they use natural scents we care about that too.


It's gotta look good on our shelves and in your home. 

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How to Buy the Right Candle

We've bought a lot of candles throughout the years and we've come to learn a few tricks along the way. So, if you're not buying candles from us (which are always awesome) here's a few things you can look for:

  • Smell - Does it smell strong or weak at first whiff? That means they use a lot of scent, which is good for filling a whole room! Candles also smell different when burning, ask your shopkeeper if they have burned the candle before and if they can describe for you if the differences and if it is just as strong when they burn or not.
  • Training - The more you smell, the more you'll notice the difference in natural and unnatural scent oils. You may also notice lots of brands use the same source scent blends ;)
  • Design - If you're like us, you buy wine based on the labels. We've noticed it works for candles too. The nicer the design and label, the more thought has gone into the scent and how well it burns and the more likely it is to be great quality. These brands tend to put their money where their mouth is. 
  • Labels - Read the labels, make sure they list that it's a natural wax like soy. If it's not listed the chances are it's paraffin.
  • Price - You get what you pay for, most of the time. Cheaper candles usually end up smelling cheap when you burn it. However, use discretion, personally, we're wary of candles that seem to cost a lot more than they look to be worth.

Some of our favorite brands include:

Candelles (pictured above), Paddywax, Nordic Fox, Rewined, Capri Blue and many more!

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