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Local Love: Steely's Corner

Local Love: Steely's Corner

If you grew up in Columbia, you most definitely have heard of Steely's Corner. It was our local dig and find a treasure antique store, and Bryson loved it growing up. Fast forward a few years, and our sweet friend, Kim, bought the place, cleaned it up (a whole lot), and has made it a "take-you-back-in-time" antique store.
steely's corner kim
From the records playing as you walk in, to the kitchen room, to the book room, you are likely to walk away with a treasure that you can't live without. Kim curates all of the items in the shop, and they are all so neat! She's only open a few weekends a month, but you're in luck! She's open THIS Friday and Saturday 10-4! And you get a free tie with purchase! Go see Kim and tell her we sent you!
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