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Weekly Favorites - September 27

Weekly Favorites - September 27

We went to this park on Saturday morning, and Owen had a blast on his mountain bike! I would recommend any kid who is pretty confident on a balance bike or a bike without training wheels. Amos had fun just roaming around and going up and down the trails, too! 

I am trying out this belly balm this pregnancy. So far, I am loving it, but it's only been 2 days ha! I'll keep you updated on how I like it! I have even used it on a patch of eczema on my face, and it helped! 

Aldi has all of their German goodies out now, and we snagged these which I know won't last long! They are SO yummy.

I am making this recipe for dinner tonight, and it's one of my absolute favorites. It makes enough that you can freeze some for another meal or lunches! 

By the way, when you are freezing things, these are my favorite things to freeze individual portions in. I freeze them, and then, I'll bag them into individual baggies and put back in the freezer for a rainy day! 

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