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June 6 Favorite Things

June 6 Favorite Things

We haven't been great about sharing these on our blog, but we are getting back in the groove this week! Here are some of our favorite things from this week: 
aila supernova nail lacquer
I love a good pedicure, but sometimes I don't have the cash for it. So, this new nail polish will have to do! If you are local, you can pick up a bottle from our friends over at Elia! 
pawnee indiana mug
If you know me at all, you know I have 2 favorite shows: 1) Andy Griffith and 2) Parks and Rec. When, I found this mug, I knew I needed it immediately! And if you hurry, you can save 20% off now! 
hammock swing
We put these in our email favorite things last week, but they truly deserve a spot in any email or blog post. We have lived in these hammock swings since getting them hung up and ready for swinging. The weather has been so nice lately, too, so even better! Best $80 we have spent in a long time. 
all our wrong todays book
I can't put it down! Time travel, humor, sharp wit and deep thoughts on the human condition makes this a great Summer read for me. - Bryson
Hope you enjoy our favorite things this week! Have a great week and try to stay cool! 


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