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Meal Plan - August 28

Meal Plan - August 28

Meal planning brings a new week and new events and memories. This past week was a real doozy, so I'm thankful for a new week and new blessings that will come with it. 

Having a plan like this makes me feel safe and secure, so maybe one of my meals will help you feel a little more stable this week, too! I love to grab some coffee and hit the ground running with our grocery list and meal planner to plan for the week.


Meal Plan for August 28-September 3

Sunday: Tikka Masala Chicken and Chickpeas with Green Beans. I just purchased the tikka masala sauce from Trader Joe's and steamed some green beans with butter on the side. Also, don't forget the garlic naan! 

Monday: BBQ Salmon Bowls with Broccoli. I'm gonna be honest...HBH usually has a silly amount of steps, so I may just do the bare minimum for this recipe. And Owen needs a "safe" food, so broccoli it is served with rice (frozen rice because I'm not super crazy)! 

Tuesday: Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole. I love making taco night a vegetarian meal! 

Wednesday: Weekly Family Dinner with DuDad and NayNay

Thursday: Fried Rice 

Friday: Take Out because it's First Fridays! 

Saturday: Going to the lake for Labor Day weekend! 


Things we are prepping/making for the week: 

Baking: I have some overripe bananas and some zucchini I need to use, so this banana bread recipe will be made this evening! 

Prepping: I have fallen in love with these little sweet treats for after dinner each evening! 

We are going to the lake with Bryson's family, so we are responsible for breakfast one day. So, I'll be prepping this quiche on Friday, and then we'll make some breakfast potatoes to go along with it. 

I also need some snacks that are super easy to grab and go, so I'm going to be making these lactation bites since I'm still nursing. 

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