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Nora's Birth Story

Nora's Birth Story

I need to preface this blog post that I come from a long line of women who are literally built to have babies and birth them. My mom had all of us super fast, and my sister had her boys fast as well. So, my births are hard to compare to the average person. Owen's birth was fast; Amos's birth was fast but not as fast as Owen's. And Nora's was a little wild and I still have whiplash. But I love talking birth, and I want you to talk to me about your stories! 

Also, just a friendly little reminder, that your birth is your birth. I chose to have hospital births with a midwife and then with an incredible OB. If you chose to have home births, that's amazing, and I'm so happy for you! You are in control of your body and your births, so let's respect one another and encourage one another in our own choices! 

Owen was born at 39 and 1 weeks; Amos was born at 37 and 1 weeks, so I had a feeling I would be having this baby girl a little early. But I have heard that your third babies can be wildcards when it comes to your birth. So, I was happy for whenever she wanted to come. Two weeks ago, baby girl was sideways with her head and legs parallel to my pelvis. So, the following week, I felt like she had moved to head down, and my doctor confirmed she had. 

I started feeling more contractions throughout the week, but nothing intense or something that I needed to mention. So, I went to the doctor last Wednesday (January 3) for my 37 week appointment. He checked me, and I was dilated to 1cm. I knew (and he knew) that baby was probably coming soon. With Owen I was 1cm and 97% effaced at my last appointment, and I had him 4 days later. With Amos, I was 1cm dilated, and I had him 1 day later. So, I knew go time was soon. 

I contracted a lot that day but nothing consistent. I worked all day, and then we went to dinner with my in-laws at their house. I told our doula about what was going on, and I asked my favorite night nurse who works in L&D to see when she was working that week as well! But I went to bed like normal. 

I woke up around 1:00am and my contractions were much more intense. I couldn't really sleep, so I started tracking my contractions. They were around 5 mins apart, but I still went and started my laundry (my pants I wanted to wear were in there). I knew that things were happening because it followed all of my signs for last time. So, I woke Bryson up around 2:30. My contractions were much more intense, and we needed his mom to come and stay with the boys. I called my doula, and she started to come over to our house as well! 

My biggest advice about working through your contractions is focus on your breathing. My doula is amazing at reminding you to use the contaction and breathe through the whole thing. While I was waiting on people to arrive, Bryson went to the kid store to get my L&D gown (I had forgotten it). So, I worked through all of my contractions. Bryson got back and finished packing our bag. Owen woke up and noticed that something was up, so I decided it was time to go to the hospital. 

We arrived to the ER around 4am, and the poor girl that was working was on her phone. I had to interrupt her and then answer what felt like a million questions. They were super sweet and let me work through my contractions as they wheeled me up to the L&D floor. My nurse friend (she had been there for all the other births) was working, and I had texted her that we were coming. My doctor was also on the way because Bryson called him on the way to the ER. 

We got in my room, and so I started to get ready by putting on my gown and all that. She was going to check me, but I was working through a few contractions. I got on the bed and was trying for her to check to me and my water broke. I needed to stand up. It was hurting so bad, so I stood up. As soon as I stood up (my poor nurse was trying to figure out what to do and how to check me while standing up), I felt like I needed to push. I told her that and pushed. I said, "Baby!" and thankfully Jordan was standing and ready for baby because I pushed again and Nora came out! Bryson and my doula both didn't know if I was serious at first, but then Nora was crying and it was for real. My doctor wasn't in the room, but a bunch of sweet nurses were there. There was a little bit of panic right before because we had no idea how fast it was going to happen. My water broke at 4:29 in the morning, and she was born at 4:30. 

Another doctor from the same practice came in because it was a little wild, and she ended up stitching me up and all the other stuff that comes along with birth. My doctor came about 5 minutes later, and he felt so bad he wasn't there! My wristband from when I checked in said 4:20, so all of this happened within 10 minutes. I wouldn't have it any other way, but it was a wild ride that gave me whiplash. I didn't have a baby and then had a baby. It was wild! 

We only had to stay 1 night at the hospital, and we had another great experience. All of the nurses, doctors, and staff were so sweet. I can't recommend our local hospital enough! 

A little about her name: Nora is a name that we always have loved. It has been our main contender for a girl since we had Owen. Ruth was my grandmother's name who passed away in 2020. We felt like it was a sweet name to go with our sweet little boys, too! 

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Amy - January 13, 2024

Wow you go girl!! The Jefferson girls know how to have quick babies!! I love her name and hope to meet her in person very soon! Love you guys! I think it is great that you share your story with your friends who have had babies or are going to. They can only dream to have theirs your way!

Lindsay - January 12, 2024

I loved reading this, especially that you were doing laundry in active labor! Such a seasoned mom move. I had fast births too! It’s such a wild ride. Welcome, Nora! I hope you bring her next door to Bloomstall when you are ready so Michelle and I can get to meet her ❤️

Lauren Pinkston - January 12, 2024

10 minutes! You are a CHAMPION!!!!! We love you, Miss Nora Ruth.

Terry Zimmer - January 12, 2024

So sweet! I’m so glad you shared this! Love y’all and couldn’t be happier for your sweet family! ♥️

Cheryl Johnston - January 12, 2024

So sweet. Congratulations on your little girl. Love your story.

Christi Beck - January 12, 2024

What a great story! Congratulations on beautiful Nora Ruth and your sweet family!
A short birth story, my water broke at Tim’s Ford Lake but baby wasn’t born for 16 long hours. That baby is one of your neighbors, Lauren McGee💕

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