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Hospital Bag Necessities for a Mom of Almost 3

Hospital Bag Necessities for a Mom of Almost 3

**Update to this blog post - I most certainly went into labor during the middle of the night after writing this at work that day. So, I got to live this out! We actually forgot the sound machine, and that was truly a bummer. So, don't do that! But everything else was just what I wanted/needed! Glad I got to live this all out for you guys, and now you won't pack too much stuff to take with you! 


As I write this, I am a day away from being 37 weeks pregnant and haven't packed my bag yet. I will do it when I get home from working, and I'll try to show what I pack. As an almost mom of 3, I have learned that you really don't need a ton of things for a baby when you go to the hospital! I have stayed 2 nights with both boys, but maybe this go around, we'll only have to stay 1 who knows?! But I know how overpacking can be so easy to do. So, without further ado, here's my list of must haves when you have a baby outside of your home! 


Sound Machine - Hospitals are loud and have lots of people coming and going. Our local hospital is very busy and has had record numbers of babies born, so for myself and for the baby, I always find that a sound machine makes sleeping a little easier. Here's my ride or die sound machine


Chapstick - I use this lip treatment every night, and I plan on taking it with me. Hospitals are very dry, so it's a must in my book. 


Toiletries - That first shower after having a baby is the most glorious shower ever. So, I like to take some of my own products with me. I don't normally wash my hair, but here are some travel bottles that would make your life a little easier if you want to do a "works" shower! Don't forget like deodorant, contacts, and all that jazz if that applies to you! Also, I took my makeup to feel like a human when we left the hospital! 



Nursing friendly tops and comfy bottoms - I am not a matching pajama kind of gal. I sleep hot especially when I am postpartum, so I have found that taking my favorite pajama shorts, some comfy joggers, and these tops are my favorite way to spend my days in the hospital. The snaps on the shirts make nursing and skin-to-skin so much easier in those early days of learning what to do with baby so much easier! 


Nursing Bras - If it's your first and maybe even second baby, your milk will probably not come in while you're at the hospital, but it's always recommended to have a couple of different nursing bras. These are some of my new favorites because they are ribbed and comfy. I have had these for the past 2 babies, and they are also great because they don't have removable pads which get SUPER annoying! 


Slippers/Slides - Unless you love the color yellow and want to wear the yellow socks IYKYK), I would recommend bringing your own slippers/slides, so you're not walking around barefoot. I'm thinking about grabbing some of these since I can use them more than just at the hospital. (Update: I didn't do this, and it was fine!) 


Swaddles/Blankets - I brought 2 from home last time: one I wanted a picture with and then one that made swaddling easier. I am not a great swaddler with the ones they give you, but Bryson is a rockstar. So, we used those a lot actually. They also gave me a Halo swaddler last go around, so maybe ask your doctor what is provided! This time, I'll probably just bring this one and maybe one more that I want a photo with! (Update: Sister didn't like this swaddle, so we just used the ones from the hospital!) 


Going Home Outfit for You and Babe - You'll just need a comfy outfit for going home. Last time I wore something that I already had brought, and it made life so much easier. I'm packing these pants this time around because wide leg anything right after having a baby! For baby, we have an outfit that we've used for both boys, so I'm planning on bringing it again. 

Water Bottle/Tumbler - Our hospital doesn't provide a reusable cup, so I have always taken my favorite water bottle along for the ride. I am taking this one with me this time. (Update: They actually did give me a thermos this time! I was stoked! I still used my water bottle because it's just so easy!) 


Snacks - You will be hungry, and so will your husband! Make sure to pack some snacks that you both might like! I bring prunes because IYKYK. 


Long Phone Charger - This is an essential for most people! Daytime TV is horrible, so we always had our phones charged and ready! 


Nipple Ointment - I like this one better than the one they provide at the hospital, and it's one less thing you have to remember when you go home! 

Pacifiers - I know this is a highly contended subject when you are a nursing mom, but after Owen, I am team try all the pacifiers even if you are nursing. So, I bring our own and try the ones from the hospital! 

I take my own pillow because I don't like sleeping on the ones in there. I don't bring it in to the delivery room, but Bryson goes and gets it after we get settled in our room. I also haven't ever taken a nursing pillow just because I find it's just as easy to use the pillows they have for you. But I know that's a personal preference! 

This time around I am taking my own gown because the ones they provide never fit well and honestly, I don't want my booty hanging out if I can help it (funny since I'm having a baby, right?). I got this one based on good reviews and not super expensive, so I'll keep you updated if I actually liked it or not. 

Here's the link to my storefront on Amazon! We do have the sound machine and the pacifiers at our shop if you want to support local, too! 

I think this is it. Less is more, and then your husband won't have to take a million things to the car before y'all head home! I hope this helps someone, and I hope it takes a little stress out of prepping for baby and delivery! I wish you all the luck and pray you have a quick and healthy delivery! 

One little added note - honest to goodness, the best thing that I have done for Bryson and I was have a doula. She has been our saving grace both births, and I know this one will be no different. She's there for support for me and Bryson, and it's so nice to have someone encouraging you and helping you do an incredibly hard and amazing thing! So, if this is an option for you or something you've considered, I cannot recommend it enough! 

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