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Weekly Favorite Things - November 4

Weekly Favorite Things - November 4

1. I am about to start reading this book, and I have heard nothing but great things about it. I need a very light read after the last book I read and during our current national climate! My library didn't have this one, but maybe yours does!

2. I am in love with this shirt for Owen for Christmas. He loves lift-a-flap books, so of course he needs a shirt that has them, too! 

3. My goal for 2020 was to get to a place where I could hire someone to come and clean my house once a month. I am finally there (thank you Bryson's freelance), so a friend cleaned our house yesterday, and it was lovely! I highly recommend! 

4. I just recently got this candle from Bloomstall, and it is heavenly! It's holiday scented, but it wasn't too much Christmas cheer just yet! 

5. I got these blue light glasses recently, and they have been my favorite by far. They are heavier than most and the lenses seem to really tint the screens! I have definitely noticed a difference in my headaches/vision when wearing them! 

6. Also, we are still accepting new friends into our Needle and Grain book club! This month's book is The Pull of the Stars, and we will be discussing the book via Zoom on November 30 at 7:45pm! 

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