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Weekly Favorites - September 6

Weekly Favorites - September 6

I'm about halfway through this book, and I honestly have no idea where it's going. I am enjoying the ride though! Bryson read it a while back, and he really enjoyed it, too! 

I learned this from someone on Instagram, and it was a game changer for our travels this past weekend. Always bring this with you because you never know how many plugs there will be or where they will be located! I cannot recommend it enough! 

I take a million different vitamins, so this little pill organizer was great for our weekend trip, too! 

We are making this recipe this week, and I'm so excited. It's super yummy and a quick one to throw together on a weeknight! I use chicken instead of tofu because that's our family preference! 

We went to this playground on Signal Mountain, and it was amazing! Our friends live up there now, and we'll be back for sure. It was all shaded (hello, that's amazing), and it was easy for both of the boys to find something fun to do while we were there! 

A bonus one: we both have fallen in love with these teas! Bryson had them first at Bradley Mountain (if you're local), but we found them in Chattanooga this weekend, too! Seek them out if you love tea and need a little afternoon pick-me-up! 


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