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Weekly Favorites - August 16

We made these muffins this week for our baked good snack, and we all devoured them! I had all the ingredients on hand which is an added bonus, too!

Owen is learning some independence when it comes to unbuckling himself in the car, and I saw this recently on Instagram. It's genius! I will be adding one to our next Amazon order. 

I recently got these for the boys' lunch boxes, and they have made their load a little lighter but still do a good job of keeping their lunch cold! 

I found this Instagram the other day, and it's been so helpful with coming up with ideas for fast and easy dinners for us! (Plus I love Trader Joe's!) 

I'm currently reading this book, and I really love it. I have just been so tired in the evenings that I fall asleep after about 3 pages. So, maybe one day my reading life will be back to what it has been in the past! 

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