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Weekly Favorites - July 3


I recently bought these jean shorts from Poshmark, and I can confirm they are great if you have bigger thighs like me! I actually feel comfortable in them, and I might even buy another pair. I got my true size, and they are a little snug. But I know they'll stretch as I wear them out!

I finished this book last night, and I loved it. I thought it was a sweet story about childhood romance and working through issues from their shared past. If you need a fluffy summer read, I highly recommend this one!

I got these over the weekend, and they are great! I prepped a bunch of snacks for us today for work, and it was so easy to make them in these containers!

I made these for our small group on Sunday, and they were SO good. So good in fact, that I will be making them again for the 4th of July. I didn't realize they were supposed to sit for a long time before serving, so know that it's a great recipe to make the day before an event!

I just got Owen these shorts, and they are great! They feel so good, but they won't break the bank for boys' clothes! He liked wearing them, too!

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