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Weekly Favorites - June 19

We have been using this bug lotion and loving it! A customer told me about it, and I immediately bought it for us because mosquitoes are terrible in our yard! It has NO smell, and it protects for most of the day without having to apply again!

This plug in bug catcher is a MUST for summertime in the south! We have had ours for a couple of weeks, and it's incredible how many gnats and flies (and other bugs it's caught)! You'll be grossed out, but so thankful - I promise!

This is my new favorite kitchen tool right now for all things: muffins, egg muffins for easy breakfast, desserts, and so much more. Just make sure you use a sheet pan underneath when using, but you'll thank me later when it's so easy to make muffins! 

We made these for breakfast recently, and it was a yummy way to start the day! They could be customized to fit your favorite veggies and flavors for sure! 

I snagged this dress from Target last month before Owen's graduation, and it's one of my favorites! It's so comfy and breezy for hot summer days when wearing pants sounds like a nightmare. I got a large because that's the only size they had in store, but I could definitely wear a medium. I hope it restocks in more colors soon because I want all the colors! Thanks Meredith for telling me about it! 

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