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Weekly Favorites - July 7

Weekly Favorites - July 7

1. Bryson cut Bailey's nails this weekend, and he accidentally went too far on one. So, we got blood all over our bed - queue tears on my part. I looked it up real quick and actually remembered my MIL telling me this trick, but hydrogen peroxide to the rescue! It even comes in convenient spray now, so for all you mamas out there, snag a bottle and live with joy when it comes to blood stains on clothes! 

2. Kids' clothes can add up quickly, and I love shopping secondhand. Within the past year, I found this app, and it's been a life saver for getting high-quality clothes for cheaper for Owen! We just snagged a pair of lightly-used Keens for him! 

3. I have been using this line of skincare for about a month now, and I can truly say that I love it. I started with their cleanser and this travel set, and it's all the things you need. I haven't broken out or had any weird reaction which is saying something for me (I have really sensitive skin)! 

4. We went to Bryson's grandparents for the 4th, and I made sure we stopped at this orchard on our way! They have the best peaches and apples around! It's a fun little trip too if you want to go and check it out. Currently, you can pick-your-own sunflowers and zinnas! 

5. I've really been slacking on my reading lately, but I started this book the other day and let me say it's taken some wild turns. I love learning about the author's heritage throughout the book, so I am going to keep reading. But it's been wild.

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