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Weekly Favorites - June 23

Weekly Favorites - June 23

1. Reading - I started this book over the weekend for our book club, and I'm devouring it! It's a heartbreaking story, but I'm loving the main character and her resilience! 

2. Drinking - I've had this before, but yesterday afternoon, I was craving a soda, so Bryson got me one of these! I really like them for a great alternative for soda! 

3. Eating - We have been loving these ice pops (as Owen calls them). I found them at Sprouts, and we will be buying them again! 

4. Listening - I had heard amazing things about this audiobook, so last week, I started it! I got to listen to it last night on our way home for almost an hour, and I'm hooked. 

5. Coloring - We got these for Owen when we were in Chattanooga to have an easy and not messy thing to do in the car or restaurants! So far, they've been great except him opening the pen and drinking the water out of them lol! 

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