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Weekly Favorites - March 10

Weekly Favorites - March 10

1. I've been using this one for a while, but sometimes it takes you a few months to make sure you really love something ya know? I have super duper dry skin in the winter, and this is the first winter that I haven't had the dry skin nose that I have every year, and I attest it to this cleansing balm. 

2. I recently started actually following Naptime Kitchen (I may have already said this last week), but I listened to her playlist today while working. It gave me so much joy! If you need to spice up your music routine or get away from PJ Mask (the absolute worst show), I recommend! It's definitely a throw back to like 80s and such, so keep that in mind! Perfect for dancing around during that dreaded witching hour!

3. I listened to this book last week, and I loved it. I felt confused and somewhat frustrated for the first part of it because all of the characters just had a lot going on, but I ended up loving the sweet relationship they all had at the end. 

4. If you have had the stomach bug in your house like me, I cannot recommend this concoction of disinfecting magic. I am late to the game and don't subscribe to everything she preaches, but honestly the whole mopping your floors with Tide has been a game changer. Yes, you can demote me from my crunchy status. After the 2 months we've had, I needed to burn all the sage, anoint my house with oil, and maybe just burn it to the ground (just kidding)! 

5. We have been really struggling with our routine and rhythms with everyone being sick. So, I am finally biting the bullet and having a routine chart for us for morning and night. A quick Etsy search and I found this cute one. I'm going to cut everything out, laminate it all, and then we'll hang it in Owen's room. I'm hoping this helps with some of our meltdowns during transitions because they are wearing us down! 

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